Sherrie Atkinson

Veterinary Nurse

Sherrie Atkinson
Sherrie Atkinson RVN Veterinary Nurse

I started working in veterinary practice when I was 18, and being a Veterinary Nurse was something I always wanted to do. I completed my training at College of Animal Welfare in 2005.

I spent 12 years in a mixed veterinary practice and enjoyed all aspects of the job. I was involved in setting up one of the North of England's first Radio-Iodine Units for treating cats with Hyperthyroidism.

In 2013, I moved to work at Idexx Laboratories and provided customer service and phone advice for veterinary practices. I have recently come back into Veterinary practice and joined Westwood in January 2018.

I am looking forward to getting a dog and I would love some ferrets again. I had some as a child and they provided lots of entertainment!