Puppy Parties

Join our puppy socialisation courses here at Westwood Vets, Garforth!

Did you know that a puppy’s learning and development phases begin at birth and last to 16 weeks of

Here at Westwood Vets, we offer courses of puppy socialisation to help you make the most of
these learning and development phases as an owner. Enrolling your puppy in our puppy party course
is a great way to allow your puppy to socialise in a safe environment.

Where and when do the courses take place?

Start Date: 8th August 2024
Venue: Westwood Vets Garforth, Unit 6, East Side Retail Park, Aberford Road, Garforth, LS25 2EB
Duration: 4 weeks
Time: 6.45pm

How is the course structured?

Week 1: Introduction and discussing how to best socialise your puppy
Week 2: All things enrichment – discussing enrichment and your puppy
Week 3: Vet visits – aiming to help your puppy relax and also how to best get them used to being
Week 4: Socialisation and play – What healthy play looks like, how to read a dogs body language

Puppy parties are based on positive reinforcement with lots of rewards and praise. Please ensure
you bring plenty of treats.

Puppy parties are not free play. There may be some controlled play, but this will be discussed with
you at the time.

Important information before you sign up

Vaccinations Status: All puppies must be fully up to date with their DHP vaccinations, and had at
least one of their leptospirosis vaccines. Please ask us if you are unsure.
Age of attendance: Aged between 11-16 weeks at the start of the course
Block size: Between 4-6 puppies per 4 week block (you will be signed up to all 4 weeks in a course)
Cost: £10 (PHC clients £5)

  • Please note that only 2 people will be able to attend per puppy.
  • All clients will be given a puppy pack during the Week 1 session to take home with them. This puppy pack will contain information leaflets, as well as resources to help you going forward
  • We ask that all clients bring a blanket used by their puppy at home with them to the Week 2, 3, and 4 sessions. We will use these to create a 'safe space' for the puppies with familiar smells and comforts.

At the end of the final session, all puppies (as long as they have been good!) will have their 'graduation' photo taken and receive their certificate of graduation from puppy parties.

Call the practice on 0113 232 0085 or email garforth@westwoodvets.co.uk to find out more or secure your spot.