Kay Scarlett

Administrative Team

Kay Scarlett - Practice Manager
Kay Scarlett Practice Manager

I am the ‘mum’ of Westwood ensuring that our practices run smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. I wear many ‘working hats’, from doing the wages to being personal secretary to one and all! "Variety", as they say, "is the spice of life" and that certainly applies to my job! 

I have worked at Westwood since 1983 and have seen so many changes. When I started in 1982 the practice was called Ogilvie and Hughes. The practice then was mainly Farm and Equine. All client records were hand written on record cards and I had to type individual accounts on a manual typewriter. I remember the day I got an electric typewriter – I felt very high tech!  We have now been computerised for many years and accounts day no longer gives me finger ache! 

I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. My cat Jo is a rescue - he came into us one weekend after being injured from a road traffic accident, and had no owner. He has recovered well and rules the roost at home! 

I have 3 Border Collies called Poppy, Abbie and Kipper. Poppy is now retired but I am currently competing in dog agility competitions with Abbie all over the North of England – sometimes successfully!  Kipper lives up to his name and is as giddy as one!  He is work in progress !!!!!!!