Personalised Nutrition Plan

Personalised nutrition, for every dog.

What is a personalised nutrition plan?

We believe every dog deserves the best nutrition tailored to their individual needs. Drawing on years of veterinary expertise, combined with the latest research in canine nutrition, our personalised nutrition plans cater to the unique requirements of each dog.

How does it work?

It all starts with a vet visit to assess your dog's health and needs. If a diet change is recommended, we’ll discuss your dog’s nutritional needs based on their age, breed, health and lifestyle. Our nutritional expert will then finalise the dietary plan with you.


Whether your dog needs a prescription diet or a life-stage diet, our veterinary team will liaise directly with the nutritionists at every step to formulate the highest quality diet for your dog.


Once agreed, your monthly subscription begins, and your pet’s customised dog food is delivered to your home within three days.


You'll receive regular updates, and if your dog's needs change, a quick vet check ensures the diet adjusts accordingly.


It's a straightforward process combining expert care with everyday convenience for your pet.

Why try it?

  • It’s personalised: Each meal is crafted to meet your dog's specific dietary requirements

  • It’s convenient: We schedule monthly deliveries in advance, ensuring you're always informed and prepared

  • It’s the best choice for your dog: you know you are choosing the right food for your dog

How do I sign up?

To get started, you’ll need to speak to one of our vets or nurses. You can do this at your next appointment or book a nutrition appointment.

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